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Animation, and passion!

The Prestige Hotel in Torrette di Fano, the fun is guaranteed!
A staff carefully selected from professionals in the industry for more than twenty years of experience in the field, for the entertainment of children and adults.

The animation part from an innovative proposal of fun with the format and shows unreleased. In particular, to the entertainment of the little ones are dedicated to the creative workshops and baby dance with our mascot: the Caterpillar Swallowtail, a character unique and original with a strong ecological vocation, Peppa Pig, the idol of cardboard all the little ones, the Minions, the cute little yellow and the ever-popular Masha & the Bear, the little girl and the teddy bear the most famous in tv!

Download the story of the Caterpillar Swallowtail: Download

The abbreviation for Caterpillar Swallowtail

The Caterpillar Swallowtail

Our cute Caterpillar Swallowtail will make friendship with all the guests, explaining the importance of creative recycling.

Caterpillar Swallowtail and your children will enjoy to create different objects with recycled materials , and at the end of each workshop will be organized an exhibition with all the works done by the small hands of our guests.

Among the activities in the exclusive Caterpillar Swallowtail, children can have fun with "Create the Caterpillar", "Plant the plant", "Create your own toy" and learn how to build with their own hands, a real kite!

Your kids will love Caterpillar Swallowtail and have fun, while learning the importance of recycling. Also, to reward the commitment of every little guest will be given the diploma of the ecologist , and at the end of the holiday the children will bring home their artwork and crafts, a pleasant reminder of time spent together.

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