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Fano, historical facts, and culture

Fano is a city that bears the traces of its historic past in every corner, square or building.
Are in fact many historical buildings to visit and learn the stories of the glorious history, ancient but not too lucky.


The Sangallo Bastion

The ancient historical record of the defence of the Bastion walls, it was designed in 1532 and completed in 1552. Now it is a popular cultural meeting place with concerts and events.

The Fountain of Fortune

Located in Piazza XX Settembre, probably dating back to the 1552. It is surmounted by a copy of the statue of the Goddess of Fortune, built in 1593 and now kept at the Museum of the Palazzo Malatestiano.

The Arch of Augustus

The Arch of Augustus, the majestic symbol of the city, was built in 9 d. C. Today, the Arc no longer has its ancient colonnade in the upper, damaged and torn by the troops of Federico da Montefeltro. In the facade on the right, however, is preserved in a bas-relief of the Arch of Augustus as it appeared to its original splendor.

The Buildings

The Palazzo del Podestà (now the Teatro della Fortuna

The Palazzo del Podestà was erected in 1299, and then he became in the XVII century, seat of the Teatro della Fortuna. In 1944 it was rebuilt after being bombed and severely damaged during the second world war.

The Malatesta Palace

The old residence of the Malatesta from 1357 1463, is now home to offices, the management of the Cassa di Risparmio di Fano, and the civic museum. The Museum of the Palazzo Malatestiano is divided into four sections.

The Houses Towers

Walking through the historic center of Fano we can count up to five tower houses of medieval origin. The buildings are in residential use but with the particularity that it be fortified for it can easily be transformed into military outposts.

The Churches

The Church of San Silvestro

The Church of San Silvestro is one of the most ancient churches of Fano dates back to the TWELFTH century. The altar is embellished with a painting of the Madonna and has the peculiarity of being based on a roman capital.

The church of San Francesco

Ancient deconsecrated church, is the one without the roof collapsed during the earthquakes of the first 30 years of 1900. The church retains a magical atmosphere and timeless. In addition, the porch with its beautiful tombs of the malatesta seignory.

The Church of Sant'agostino

Via Vitruvio is the ancient church of Sant'agostino, also irreparably damaged during the second world war. The church hides an interesting underground in which are preserved the remains of a huge roman building.

Rocca Malatestiana (Malatesta Fortress

The Rocca Malatestiana (malatesta fortress, which was built in 1438. Had a great look-out tower, the tower, the damaged and then destroyed because of the bombardments of the second world war. Today the Fortress has been restored and hosts events and shows.

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