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Fano is a city of many talents, able to offer to its tourists for a long series of events to suit all ages.
Here is a list of recurring events, but you can just do a brief search online to discover that the proposed fano entertainment is very wide and covers almost the whole of the year.

The Palio of contrade

In the evocative Rocca Malatestiana in Fano, you'll have the opportunity to be transported back in time: you will be catapulted directly into the middle Ages. The historical re-enactment of the Palio delle Contrade will make you relive the years 1400 and will give you the chance to watch the fights and challenges between knights, archers and peasants. Tug of war, horse races, with the pull ring and the pull of the arc, any member who will participate will have to pay homage to the district of which it is a party challenging each other in games of skill, giving life to an event that is of great excitement for children and adults.

The feast of Music

Both in the historical city center, on the seafront of Fano the Festival of Music starring amateur and professional musicians. Strongly supported by the French Ministry of Culture, this initiative sees music fans invade the streets, courtyards, squares, gardens, stations and museums. Today, the event is almost international with the participation, the commitment and passion of musicians of every level and genre.

Steps Festival

This festival of Fano welcomes since its first edition, important guests from all over Italy. His program could very well expressed in the slogan “books a view of the sea”, but you would lose the great cultural value intrinsic to the Landscapes of the Festival. In fact, we are talking about a unique event in its kind, which combines sea, books, exhibitions, performances and workshops to suit all ages.

On Thursday, under the stars

Every Thursday evening the city of Fano becomes “property” of children. In fact, thanks to this initiative of the Municipality to give a new life to the historic centre during the long summer evening, workshops are organised, games, and animations. A spectacle of lights and colors that are fun but not only to children and their families, but also tourists or whoever is going to be there for the event.

Fanum Fortunae

For an entire week Fano pays homage to the ancient temple dedicated to the Goddess Fortuna. The city is decorated with special displays and historical re-enactments to the theme of a roman military camp. The city will populate a large number of legionaries, and set out clothes the romans. Tourists and residents will compete in an arena of sand, divided into four factions. The tournament final will see a parade and the competitors engaged in a chariot race that will be held at the Pincio in Fano. In addition, throughout the event there will be organized shows, conferences, debates, readings and much more.

Fano Jazz

The international festival of Jazz and Creative Music, Contemporary is the most awaited event in Fano by the young people. Between culture, sustainability, art, exhibitions, crafts, workshops and good music will perform the best artists and performers of the world music scene. The structure that houses the event is divided into the main stage, dedicated to the international jazz exodus stage dedicated to the theme of the flow of migration and to young the stage in which it is given value to a young emerging musicians.

Night of wishes

The Night of Wishes takes place in Torrette di Fano and provides music, markets, exhibitions of vintage cars, big light shows and fireworks on the sea. At the end of the event, to reaffirm the commitment to environmental stewardship in recent years has embarked on Fano, you will launch into the air balloons 100% biodegradable.

Feast of the sea

Traditional festival that takes place annually in Fano, provides for the celebrations, food and wine and a spectacular display fireworks finale on the sea, Fano, italy. The event is particularly loved by young and old, the Festival of the sea, is frequented both by tourists and by residents.

Around Fano

Around Fano is an excursion tasting along the charming streets of the historical centre of Fano. The stages will take you to taste the best food and wines of the area, will allow you to participate in a real guided tour by night of Fano and to participate as spectators at many events and concerts. An evening where you can fully enjoy the city. For the occasion, there are many museums that decide to remain open in the evening to give you a night time visit unique.


Dedicated to all the families with kids, plays in a park that is built for the occasion, the entire world of Pinocchio. The scenery is fairytale will host musical entertainment, comedy, workshops and food stalls that can conquer the hearts of the adults. In addition, the theme of the festival will be the sustainability with dishware, compostable to educate even the youngest children to respect the environment.

The fair of San Bartolomeo

From a simple initial market, in the course of the years, this trade fair has turned into a real event. Beyond the traditional stalls in which it is always pleasant to make purchases, the fair will be in fact preceded by a medieval pageant that remind viewers of life in the old traditional market, with a detailed reproduction clothing and objects.

Fano blooms

Colors, scents, music, and many, many flowers...here are the ingredients simple, but the effect of the Fano blooms. There will be a series of workshops, concerts and events organized to cheer up the weekend of all.

Directly on the sea

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